SurfZone Engineering Consultants

Coastal and Structural Engineering Services

Provides professional engineering services for coastal, nearshore, and offshore structures including:

      • Project management
      • Document control & management services
      • Structural design and inspection
      • Retrofit plans
      • Nearshore and Offshore Structural inspection
      • Technical advice and consultancy
      • Fault and risk identification and management (HAZID)
      • Automated structural inspection (Drone application)
      • Timber pile analysis and assessment
      • Pre-purchase structural assessment

Professional engineering and consulting services

(617) 299-0722

(864) 633-7865


  • New Construction
  • Addition and remodeling
  • Piers and Wharves
  • Marina
  • Marina Terminals
  • Urban and Coastal Structures

Our clients' satisfaction with our services has been the strongest testimony to our excellent technical expertise and insights and commitment to quality and reliability.