SurfZone Engineering Consultants

Coastal, Civil and Structural Engineering Services

Structural Inspection Services

  • Annual structural inspection of large scale condominiums

  • Façade/parapet structural inspection - required by city/town or insurance

  • Fire escape inspection - required by city/town or insurance

  • Affidavit certifications

  • Pre-purchase structural inspection

Structural Design Services

  • New construction

  • Remodeling

  • Addition

  • Retrofit and repair plans

Design-Build Services

  • SurfZone Engineering engages licensed, insured, and reputable GCs to build the designed structures based on the applicable codes. We guarantee the quality of the construction by providing construction administration, frequent site visits during construction, on-site troubleshooting, routine meetings with stakeholders, and certifying the job by issuing the final construction control document.

Civil Engineering Services

  • Stormwater infiltration well/system design

  • Erosion control system

  • Flood related issues

Technical Advice and Consultancy

  • Engineering Document and Contract Bids Review

  • Construction Administration

  • Project Management

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SurfZone Engineering Consultants has registered professional civil engineers in the state of Massachusetts. Civil engineering registration allows structural engineering and civil engineering for residential applications and most commercial applications.

Our clients' satisfaction with our services has been the strongest testimony to our excellent technical expertise and insights and commitment to quality and reliability.