Structural Inspection

Structural Inspection

  • Pre-Purchase Inspection

  • Structural Inspection services for Fire escape stairway (Means of egress)

      • 1001.3.1 Maintenance of Exterior Stairs and Fire Escapes. All exterior stairways and fire escapes shall be kept free of snow and ice. Exterior stairways and fire escapes constructed of materials requiring the application of weather protecting products, shall have these products applied in an approved manner and shall be applied as often as necessary to maintain the stairways and fire escapes in safe condition. Weather resistant structural fasteners and connections shall tie the stairways and fire escapes directly into the building structural system.

      • 1001.3.2 Testing and Certification. All exterior bridges, steel or wooden stairways, fire escapes and egress balconies shall be examined and/or tested, and certified for structural adequacy and safety every five years, by a registered design professional, or others qualified and acceptable to the building official; said professional or others shall then submit an affidavit to the building official.

  • Crawl space inspection

  • Foundation Inspection

  • Structural Inspection report

  • Structural Inspection certification for section 8 rental properties

  • Code compliance control and certificate

  • Façade and Parapet inspection