Verified Reviews

Mark S. (8/6/2022 )

Inspected and reported on structural issues with my foundation. Hired a mason to make the changes he recommended and now the house should be solid for another 100 years. Highly recommended

Stephanie T. (5/7/2022 )

I was very happy with my experience with SurfZone Engineering Consultants. I needed a structural engineer to evaluate a property I was interested in placing an offer on (so that I could waive the inspection contingency), and Farzam responded very quickly to my inquiry on Yelp. I was able to arrange for a same day evaluation and confirm a time within 1-2 hours. He was the only person out of the greater than 5 engineers that I contacted who a) responded in a timely fashion, and b.) was able to accommodate the time line. At the evaluation, he was extremely knowledgeable and thorough, and answered all of my questions. Afterwards, he sent a thorough report detailing his findings and recommendations, including photos. I would definitely recommend his services!

F . W. (1/25/2022 )

Farzam is incredibly responsive, thorough and knowledgeable. I won't pretend to know what he does, let alone understand any of it, but he did teach me a few things and highlighted some things I should watch for that were not on my initial radar.

He is quick, to the point, and meticulous, asking questions and explaining things as he goes along.

While it's not always quite the news one wants to hear, I never knew how much I needed a structural report until Farzam submitted his, and I am grateful for that.

For the contractor-wary/dubious out there, Farzam should be one's first step before embarking on any project.

Rose M. (10/21/2021 )

Natick, MA

It was a pleasure working with Farzam! My husband and I had an excellent experience. He is professional, friendly, intelligent and does a very thorough job with his expertise. He did a great job with explaining things to my husband and I as we went over areas in our home we were concerned with. The report he produced was wonderful, it listed photographs and detailed all the areas we spoke of during his site visit at our home. We would work with Farzam again and I highly suggest reaching out to him if you need a structural engineer.

Farzam, your expertise and work are much appreciated thank you!

Vincent S. (9/5/2021 )

Quincy, MA

I reached out to Surfzone Engineering for a second opinion on some structural issues with our home. Farzam scheduled a date and time for the inspection and sent an email with the total cost and details.

On the day of the appointment, Farzam arrived on time and was very courteous and professional. We did a walk-through of the house, and Farzam noted a few structural issues and suggestions on how to address them. He also took the time to answer my questions, and alleviated some concerns I had with issues that were noted by the first engineer we hired. The turnaround for the report was quick, and he even sent it out on a holiday weekend.

I highly recommend Farzam and Surfzone for all your structural engineering needs.

Steve C. (9/24/2021 )

Lexington, MA

In September of 2021 I contracted with Farzam Maleki of SurfZone for consulting advice on a footing supporting the 24 foot back wall of my house. Turns out that after 40 some odd years, the wood sill sitting on the footing rotted away and much of the top of the footing deteriorated as well. He was very cordial on the phone and quickly came to my home to assess the situation. Within a few days and for a very reasonable fee he submitted a report to me outlining his recommendations as to how to resolve the problem. My contractor was present during Farzam's visit. Soon after receiving his report, my contractor implemented his recommendations, and successfully completed the job. I highly recommend Farzam and his company.

Steve C

Lexington MA

G J. (7/27/2021 )

Jamaica Plain, MA

Farzam checked out a structural issue that came up during the inspection of our new 100+ year old home. He was easy to schedule with, flexible when we had timing constraints, and completed the job quickly and efficiently. His report and photos gave us plenty of information for our contractor to make the updates necessary to the home, let us know where to keep an eye out for changes to the home that might indicate future issues, and gave us tremendous peace of mind.

Will C. (4/12/2021 )

Back Bay, Boston, MA

Farzam was incredibly prompt in his response, thorough in his inspection, and delivered a high-quality, detailed report back to us within 24 hours. His pricing was fair and transparent, and he was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an engineer.

Kali P. (4/10/2021 )

Waltham, MA

I echo the other reviews on here about Farzam. I had some concerns about our 1920s home and after I reached out, he was quick to respond and schedule an inspection. I am especially careful about COVID-19 protocols given a health issue; he came double masked and ready to go. He took care while in my house (eg shoes off, vaccumed himself after getting an insulation dusting up in the attic, etc.) I received a detailed report within days, complete with photos and recommendations. He also recommended two folks to do the repairs and he worked closely with the guy we hired to make sure the work was done well. He came out again to inspect the final result and had a few more suggestions which I hope will be completed next week. He was patient with my questions and explained things clearly and well. He has a kind, knowledgeable demeanor and I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again!

Annette D. (3/30/2021 )

San Francisco, CA

We scheduled a structural inspection with Farzam from Surfzone. The entire process was seamless. He arrived on time, conducted a thorough inspection, and we received a detailed report with photographs and recommendations the very next day. We would be happy to hire him again the next time we need structural engineering services.

Aaron G. (3/29/2021 )

Topsfield, MA

We had an accepted offer on a house from the early 1800s-- contingent on a structural inspection. Our broker put is in touch with Farzam from Surfzone Engineering Consultants.

Farzam was very accommodating to our tight schedule and met us onsite. He was well-prepared and had undoubtedly evaluated homes similar to ours. He quickly located and diagnosed compromised structural issues with the fieldstone foundation, period beams, joists and other masonry. He made unforseen discoveries, astutely probing around with a screwdriver and flashlight and documented everything in a very procedural way, asking questions and outlining possible solutions throughout the process.

He also provided inspection services to the exterior of the home and offered actionable suggestions to address the issues that were compromising the structure. His report was filed promptly and was extremely thorough-- filled with photographs clearly depicting isolated damage, diagrams, and relevant detailed information.

Highly recommended.

William L. (2/4/2021 )

Boston, MA

Farzam was super helpful and knowledgeable. I wanted to have a better understanding of the structural durability of my 140 year old building. He provided great insights and action-oriented recommendations. I will be sure to call him back for any structural issues or questions.

Pratha K. (1/24/2021 )

Madison, WI

Farzam was great, we'll certainly use his services in the future. We reached out to him late on a Friday night, and got in contact with us the following morning and was ready to inspect the concerning ceiling crack in the house we were buying.

He inspected and explained everything clearly, in a no-nonsense fashion (we dislike when people exaggerate or talk our ears off!), and showed no judgement about our questions regarding the house's foundation as first time homebuyers.

His inspection report was very thorough, while remaining easy to read and understand.

We highly recommend SurfZone.

Hieu T. (1/22/2021 )

Boston, MA

I needed to remove a wall separating my living room and kitchen. Farzam quickly came out, did an inspection of the space and basement and gave a comprehensive report on what my next steps should be. He also gave suggestions on the structural integrity of the fieldstone and main beam in the basement which was very helpful.

Damon Y. (12/8/2020 )

Reading, MA

I had Farzam inspect my house for any possible structural issues for peace of mind. He was fast to respond and very courteous. When he arrived at my house, he was very professional and looked at all areas of concern while thoroughly explaining everything to me. I have had a lot of not-so-great experiences with contractors lately, but I had no problems with SurfZone Engineering and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

L K. (11/6/2020 )

Danvers, MA

I called Farzam because of the reviews I read here on Yelp and was not disappointed. Farzam was very responsive and agreed to come out to the north shore, which was a little further out for him than usual. He showed up on time, wore a mask and came prepared. He had all my concerns that we talked about in our pre visit phone call. He answered all of my questions and submitted a detailed report within a few days. The report had pictures which was very helpful when recapping the visit to my husband. I highly recommend Farzam and SurfZone Engineering.

Joseph M. (10/28/2020 )

Dorchester CTR, MA

I truly appreciate the professionalism, especially during the Covid-19 safety guidelines. Everything that was asked was checked over and answered every question. Even made sure we didn't have any other things worrying us or on our mind. After having a few contractors come out, it was reassuring to have an engineer ease our worries and verify what actually needed to be done. Couldn't have asked for better service!

Tim M. (10/28/2020 )

Lexington, MA

I asked Farzam from SurfZone Engineering to come out and evaluate if my foundation was structurally sound enough to do a dig out. The report I received detailed his thoughts and he also pointed out other areas I should look at. I especially appreciated the additional information. The report was thorough, easy to comprehend and arrived in my inbox merely a few hours after he came to our house.

I wasn't home when Farzam came out but my wife said he was extremely professional and personable. I would definitely recommend Surf Zone.

Mary G. (8/29/2020 )

Dedham, MA

After the inspection on our first home identified a concerning crack in the foundation, our real estate agent asked around for structural engineer recommendations. A number of agents recommended SurfZone. With less than a day's notice, Farzam was able to come to our house to assess the crack for a much more reasonable price compared to other structural engineers who were recommended to us. Thanks to his quick action and thorough examination, we were able to ensure the previous owners covered the cost of a lally post that needed to be installed in our basement. Throughout the entire experience Farzam was responsive, professional, and incredibly helpful! He also connected us with a fantastic contractor, who we intend to use for future home improvements. If you need any structural engineering work done on our home, Farzam is the best of the best!

Jeff B. (8/21/2020 )

Peabody, MA

Very professional and thorough assessment of a foundation issue. On time arrival and spent the time necessary to review all of my concerns. Suggested preventative measures to help keep issues from arising in the future. Full report was sent in a timely manner as well. I would definitely recommend SurfZone Engineering and would use them again!

Katina K. (8/27/2020 )

Saugus, MA

Short story: SurfZone is amazing!

We're relatively new homeowners and noticed that our floors slope pretty significantly. Knowing that we're on a hill, we wanted to have a structural inspection of the foundation and based on reviews, SurfZone was it!

We reached out, got a response within an hour, and were able to set up a walkthrough the very next week. We were even more impressed once the inspection started. Farzam was very professional and was willing to walk through not only the basics, but all our concerns and questions. (And we had a bunch of those!) In addition, everything we discussed was in the emailed report - a huge plus!

As far as COVID concerns go, Farzam was great. We all wore masks and he was willing to meet us outside for a walk around and then come in just the basement for this visit.

Ali Z. (7/28/2020 )

Lexington, MA

Right from the time I did the initial call to explain our specific need to pricing the project, we found Farzam as very professional. He was very good at explaining the process. We had a tight timeline for permit approval and he delivered ahead of time. There were a few follow-ups from the town to make adjustments to the original plans, and again Farzam was very responsive in updating the plans to meet the town's requirements. I will definitely use him again!

Ben D. (7/24/2020 )

Arlington, MA

"Farzam was incredibly helpful to us. He inspected the house thoroughly, being sure to spend extra time on the items that were originally of concern to us. He turned up items we hadn't thought to ask about, and was generous with his time in explaining things and answering our questions. The written report we got afterwards was clear, detailed, and full of suggestions on how to fix problems. Highly recommend!"

Arik C. (7/18/2020 )

Arlington, MA

Farzam is a complete professional, his follow up is very good and he provided a very thorough analysis of our house's structure. I'd definetly use him again!

Robert N. (5/12/2020 )

Arlington, MA

We contacted them to do a structural analysis of a house we were in the process of buying. We only had a short time between the home inspection and signing the purchase and sales agreement and wanted answers to the structural integrity issues brought up by the home inspection. Farzam responded very quickly and was able to go to the property and give us a detailed report before our deadline. Even prior to is hiring him, he responded quickly and was able to answer all questions I had about both the contract language and technical questions related to his services. He showed up on time and answered all the questions I had during the inspection. Overall, he was very quick, helpful, punctual, and a good communicator. Hope to work with him again. Highly recommend.

Justin C. (10/30/2019 )

Cambridge, MA

Farzam was amazing to work with. We had initially engaged another structural engineer located closer to us in Cambridge, but ended up having quite a frustrating experience with him (and based on other reviews on here, we are not the only ones!) The experience with Farzam couldn't have been more different. He was extremely prompt, professional, straightforward, and got the job done exactly as we wanted/needed. I couldn't believe how quickly he got us our documentation which had been holding up our renovation for weeks (again due to delays by the first engineer.) Within hours of receiving Farzam's stamped document, our HOA had approved the project and we could get back on track. I wish we had started with him to begin with and think he is worth every penny - you get what you pay for! Lesson learned for next time. Thank you Farzam!

Shilpa N. (10/8/2019 )

Leominster, MA

Farzam was a fantastic structural engineer to work with, and I cannot recommend him highly enough!! We were planning (what I thought was) a minor renovation in our new condo in Cambridge that involved widening the doorway between the hallway and dining room in a load-bearing wall. I had previously had a structural visit walkthrough with my contractor and Rene Mugnier, and I was under the impression that this was a relatively easy change. The City of Cambridge requires a building permit for this type of change though (in a condo w/ 2+ units), which required stamped structural drawings. I contacted Mr. Mugnier again, and his quote was over $5k, and I could not schedule him (nor even get any sense of his availability for the next two weeks) without first paying a nonrefundable deposit... I immediately contacted as many structural engineers as I could, as we were on a tight timeline and I could not wait week(s) for the drawings (literally of a SINGLE DOORWAY) before construction could start. Farzam responded to my email inquiry within a few hours, and called me to talk about the changes. He also gave me an estimate over the phone ($2k less than my previous quote), sent me an official invoice, and was able to come out to the condo the NEXT DAY. Within 48 hours, I had the structural drawings in hand that were required for the building permit. Farzam was very punctual, polite, extremely knowledgeable, and great to work with. He kept in touch throughout the process and afterward to make sure we had all the documents needed for the City of Cambridge. He is really a responsive, thorough, incredibly efficient, stand-up guy, and you should absolutely choose him for any of your structural engineering needs !

Alexa H. (7/15/2019 )

Newtonville, MA

Clients of mine needed a structural engineer to check a foundation of a home they wanted to purchase. We had not much time left before our inspection deadline ran out. We called Farzam, he picked up the phone right away, checked his schedule and came out on Sunday morning. He was very knowledgeable and knew exactly what he was doing. The report came right the next day, including photos and explanations. A+ service, highly recommend SurfZone Engineering.

Micheal R. (6/20/2019)

Cambridge, MA

I didn't quite believe the other Yelp reviews that a structural engineer would have such great "customer service" -- be so responsive, fast, and complete -- but SurfZone/Farzam is just that. He's amazing.

I reached out on Yelp, Farzam got back to me within a few hours (calling me from his home), and was incredibly flexible with his availability. He showed up exactly on time, was efficient and complete, and is a joy to work with in person, to boot.

After he finished the site visit, he turned around the documents I needed within 24 hours, faster than he promised. Plus, it turned out that his 2nd child was due the next day, so, this level of service with a pending family expansion is a pretty big deal!!!

If you're looking for a structural engineer who is responsive, complete, and also a fantastic human, check these guys out.

Vincent V. (11/26/2019)

Princeville, HI

I would 100% use Farzam again for his Structural Engineering services. I was able to schedule with him in a timely fashion, and he was very professional and straightforward with his findings.

Daniel O. (6/17/2019 )

San Francisco, CA

We employed the services of Surfzone to conduct a basement inspection and report accordingly.

Farzam, was excellent and conducted the inspection under 24hr notice. A report was requested to be tailored to our needs, and was received the day after the inspection. Briefing notes were also supplied immediately after the inspection, which was very helpful and allowed us to make a decision.

I would recommend the services of Surfzone given my experience with them to date. Very professional and diligent.